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Links for Disability Issues

LINKS FOR DISABILITY ISSUES – Council for the Blind – Dyslexia Association – Irish Wheelchair Assocation – National Disability Authority

CSEAS front line supports

CSEAS FRONT LINE SUPPORTS   More CSEAS Resources Information Guide on Mental Health Good Mental Health in the Workplace Understanding Stress Booklet People Managers’ Guide CSEAS Wellness at Work Leaflet Building Personal Resilience Anger Management CSEAS webpage Health and Wellbeing CSEAS webpage on Suicide CSEAS webpage World Suicide Prevention Day 2020 External Resources Call Samaritans …

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Health and Wellbeing – Physical Exercise

Health and Wellbeing – Physical Exercise Health and Wellbeing – Physical Exercise Over the course of our lives we will face many challenges. Sometimes it is only when we are challenged by mental, physical or emotional stressors that we really appreciate the importance of our health and wellbeing. One of the most potent and effective …

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Additional Resources

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Many of the topics the Civil Service Employee Assistance Service (CSEAS) can offer information and support with are covered elsewhere in the website, see the Resources page. You will find extra information on other topics below.           Choosing a Counsellor Choosing a Counsellor – here Irish Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy …

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WORKPLACE Most of us spend a considerable amount of time in the workplace. Occasionally challenges may arise for us in our place of work. Please see our list of resources below. An Employee Assistance Officer can offer information or emotional support.   Why not contact the Civil Service Employee Assistance Service for support or information? …

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Manager Support

MANAGER SUPPORT The CSEAS is a resource available to managers who may want support and guidance when dealing with employees where the employee’s health and wellbeing is of concern and may be impacting on work performance. Managers may contact the CSEAS: – for consultation about and possible referral of an employee to the CSEAS where …

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CRITICAL INCIDENT A Critical Incident is defined as an event out of the range of normal experience – one which is sudden and unexpected and may have a physical or emotional impact. In some cases it may involve the perception of a threat to life. Critical incidents are challenging events that have the potential to …

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DIGNITY AT WORK ‘The Civil Service is committed to protecting dignity and respect across the organisation.’ The 2015 Dignity at Work Policy was developed in partnership between Civil Service management and staff unions and replaces the former policy, ‘A Positive Working Environment’. The current policy aims to promote respect, dignity, safety, and equality in the …

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HEALTH & WELLBEING Many factors can influence and impact our health and wellbeing. Examples of these factors include bereavement, a new role and any other major life change. Being mindful, paying attention to nutrition and physical fitness, and ensuring we get enough sleep, can influence how we interact with our family, work colleagues, and others …

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Mental Health

MENTAL HEALTH Maintaining and fostering positive mental health in the workplace brings benefits to all concerned. The Civil Service recognises its staff as a valuable resource. It aims to build and maintain a resilient workforce to deliver effective services by raising awareness of, and promoting, good mental health in the workplace.   If you are …

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