‘The Civil Service is committed to protecting dignity and respect across the organisation.’ The 2015 Dignity at Work Policy was developed in partnership between Civil Service management and staff unions and replaces the former policy, ‘A Positive Working Environment’.
The current policy aims to promote respect, dignity, safety, and equality in the workplace. Every member of staff should be aware that all forms of bullying, harassment, and sexual harassment are unacceptable and every member of staff has a duty to behave in an acceptable and respectful manner.
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Effective Communication

Effective Communication (Feature Article)

Anger Management

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The Civil Service Employee Assistance Service (CSEAS)

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Dignity at Work: An Anti-Bullying, Harassment and Sexual Harassment Policy for the Civil Service

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Information on Mediation within the Civil Service

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www.ihrec.ie – Irish Human Rights Equality Commission

www.hsa.ie – Health & Safety Authority

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Mental Health Ireland – promoting positive mental health and well-being www.mentalhealthireland.ie