Manager Support


The CSEAS is a resource available to managers who may want support and guidance when dealing with employees where the employee’s health and wellbeing is of concern and may be impacting on work performance.

Managers may contact the CSEAS:

– for consultation about and possible referral of an employee to the CSEAS where there are welfare related issues:
CSEAS Revised Management Referral Form – July 2020 (PDF version) or editable Microsoft Word version
CSEAS Management and HR Referrals Policy Revision – Jul 2020

– for advice and guidance before a meeting where sensitive issues are to be raised

– for information and details on useful resources


Civil Service Resources

The Civil Service Employee Assistance Service (CSEAS)

HR Units

HR Management in the Civil Service

Disability Liaison Officers

Dignity at Work: An Anti-Bullying, Harassment and Sexual Harassment Policy for the Civil Service

Information on mediation and the Civil Service Mediation Service

CSEAS Resources

The People Managers’ Guide

CSEAS Protocols on Service Delivery

CSEAS as a Resource for Managers

Responding to Difficult Phone Calls & Self-Care

Conflict Resolution Skills for Managers

Personal Hygiene Issues – Guide for Managers

Handling Telephone Calls from Distressed or Angry Callers

Critical Incident in the Workplace – Self-care Information

Critical Incident in the Workplace – CSEAS Response

Information Guide on Mental Health

Good Mental Health in the Workplace

Understanding Stress Booklet

Anger Management

Introduction to Mindfulness


State Resources


External Resources

Trade Unions

Mental Health Ireland – promoting positive mental health and well-being

Samaritans – If there’s something troubling you, you can get in touch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week –