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Pride Month

June 2024
We are delighted to showcase to you a series of webinars from OneLearning which will be held over the month of June to celebrate Pride Month. A month that celebrates and enhances an understanding of our natural diversity.

See the LGBTQ+ terminology explained flyer which has been created to increase our understanding and promote awareness through the use of the correct language.

Proud to Work for Ireland Network Pride Guide 2024
To celebrate Pride, the Proud to Work for Ireland Network (PWIN) has prepared a brochure of events running across the month of June. PWIN represents LGBTQ+ groups across the public service and welcomes anyone to attend these events. Some events have limited spaces, so it is advisable to contact organisers ahead of time to ensure yourself a spot

Menopause Café event 9th July

July 2024
Email the CSEAS to register for the next event in the series “Cognitive Health in menopause and beyond” with Catherine O’Keeffe on 9th July from 2pm to 3pm.
The Menopause Café was set up to build awareness and share up to date information and discuss menopause.
Find out more about the Menopause Café and this event.

Employee Financial Wellbeing Webinar 12th June

June 2024
The CSEAS are continuing the series of Financial Wellbeing webinars with the next session
Securing your Financial Future‘ taking place on 12th of June at 11am. Register now for this event.

Employee Financial Wellness is a company contracted to deliver information webinars on general financial wellbeing as part of the CSEAS wellbeing offering only. Should you enter into individual one to one services with EFW you do so solely on the basis of the advice provided by EFW. The CSEAS is not party to this advice or contract.

Neurodiversity in the Workplace 15th May

May 2024
Register now for the CSEAS webinar “Neurodiversity in the Workplace” with Stephen Kelly from Ability Focus on 15th of May at 11am. This Webinar begins by looking at disability, before moving on to focus on the diversity within neurodiversity and highlighting four well known areas of neurodiversity.

Menopause Café event 7th May

May 2024
Register now for our next event in the Menopause Café series “Period Power” with Catherine O’Keeffe on 7th of May at 11am.

Workplace Wellbeing Day 26th April 2024

April 2024
As part of National Workplace Wellbeing day, Philip O’Callaghan and Derek Hollingsworth from the CSEAS will deliver a 60-minute webinar Are We Well Beings?.

Menopause in the Workplace 24th April

April 2024
CSEAS are hosting Menopause in the Workplace with Catherine O’Keeffe on Wednesday 24th April at 11:00am in the Revenue Offices on the 4th Floor of Sarsfield House, Limerick. V94 R972. Register Your Attendance
email: cseas@per.gov.ie before 5:00pm April 22nd.

Domestic Abuse Awareness Webinar

April 2024
Register now for the Domestic Abuse Awareness webinar. This 1 hour session on 10th of April at 10am by Hannah Wayte from Women’s Aid focuses on building awareness around domestic abuse.

Employee Financial Wellbeing

March 2024
The CSEAS are introducing a series of Financial Wellbeing webinars in 2024, the first session
How to be Financially Well‘ will be held on the 14th of March at 10am.

CSEAS Activity Report 2023

March 2024
View the recently published CSEAS Activity Report 2023.

Menopause Café event 16th February

February 2024
The Menopause Café was set up to build awareness and share up to date information and discuss menopause. Find out more about our first online event of 2024 which takes place on 16th February.

Introduction to the CSEAS Video

February 2024
See the Introduction to the CSEAS Video to see how the CSEAS can support you if you are experiencing a work or personal issue.

Adapting to Life Transitions

January 2024
A life transition is any change or adjustment that impacts your life in a significant way. See the CSEAS leaflet on how to manage a transition, níos mó.

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