Working Parent Series

Bringing a little one into the world is an exciting, life-changing event, no matter if it’s your first child, or if you’re adding to your family once more. The life of a working parent is fast paced and rewarding but it can also be a challenge.

To help you along the way the CSEAS is launching a Working Parent Information series aimed at supporting parents/guardians in a range of areas that can enhance their overall wellbeing. This series will include articles and short webinars on returning to work after maternity leave, dealing with parental guilt, supporting the working parent in the workplace and more.

The CSEAS is a free and confidential resource that can provide support on topics including managing stress and anxiety, benefits and statutory entitlements, relationship support, preparing to return to work and much more.

Download the CSEAS Working Parent Series Poster

Children Anxiety
Working Parent Guilt.pdf
Working Parents and Sleep.pdf
Preparing to Return to Work after Maternity Leave.pdf
Working from Home and Childcare Responsibilities.pdf
Empty Nest Syndrome.pdf


External Resources

Roadmap for the full return to school –
Return to Learning ‘Lets get ready’ – Dept of Children & Youth Affairs
Department of Social Protection
National Childcare Scheme
Tusla Family Resource Centres
City and County Childcare Committees
Safefood – Healthy Food Campaign
National Parents Council

Information on Leave types from NSSO: National Shared Services Office

Maternity Leave
Paternity Leave
Adoptive Leave
Parent’s Leave
Force Majeure Leave
Family Illness Leave
Domestic Leave
Bereavement Leave
Parental Leave
Carers Leave
Shorter Working Year
Career Break
Ante Natal and Post Natal classes
Marriage/Civil Partnership Leave