Bereavement is certain to affect all of us at some point in our lives. Bereavement can be experienced in the workplace in a number of ways; employees can be bereaved through the death of a family member or close friend; a staff member may die, leaving work colleagues shocked and numb; former colleagues may pass away. Death by tragic circumstances e.g. suicide, road traffic accident can also occur. A supportive workplace can help a bereaved person on his/her return to work and assist those affected by a workplace death.

The Employee Assistance Officer (EAO) is aware of the difficulties experienced through grief and is available to offer both practical and emotional support to bereaved staff. Why not contact the CSEAS?

CSEAS/OneLearning Recorded Webinar: Grief in the workplace
The recording of the CSEAS/OneLearning Webinar ‘Grief in the workplace’ by Presenter Amy Gibney will give an insight into what grieving in the workplace looks like and how we can support ourselves and others when experiencing grief.

CSEAS Resources

CSEAS Covid-19 Bereavement Support

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Civil Service Resources

The Civil Service Employee Assistance Service (CSEAS)

HR Units

Peoplepoint – HR & Pensions Shared Service (access only via Civil Service IT networks)

Applying for Bereavement Leave in the Irish Civil Service (Link to the Peoplepoint website-access only via Civil Services IT networks)

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State Resources

Citizens Information – Death and Bereavement

Finite Lives – A report on how the State deals with issues relating to end of life

External Resources

The Irish Hospice Foundation Bereavement and loss hub – grief in the workplace

Think Ahead is to help members of the public talk about and record their preferences in the event of emergency, serious illness or death. Think Ahead. – provides advice and information for bereaved people, those supporting them and professionals working with them. It is an initiative of the Irish Hospice Foundation

Hospice Foundation – Grief at work

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