Mental Health and Wellbeing Presentation


Presentation on Mental Health and Wellbeing by the Civil Service Employee Assistance Service (CSEAS)

The CSEAS would like to thank the Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine for facilitating the recording of this presentation.

The videos cover the following topics

1. Introduction – View Video

2. Maintaining Happiness – View Video

3. Nutrition –View Video

4. Nutrition & Exercise – View Video

5. Covey 90:10 Principle/Subjective Experience – View Video

6. Mental Wellbeing/Emotions –View Video

7. Mental Wellbeing continued – View Video

8. Techniques for Health & Wellbeing – View Video

The PowerPoint slides are available to view here.

You may find it useful to print this document for use in conjunction with the presentation.

Depending on the audio settings on your pc you may find it helpful to use headphones or speakers. These can be inserted into the headphone input on your computer.

This presentation was given by Brian Hennessy, Employee Assistance Officer.