Carers Week 2021

CARERS WEEK 7th-13th June 2021

Carers Week 2021

Carers Week is an annual event highlighting the invaluable work undertaken by some 516,594 carers in Ireland (source: CSO Irish Health Survey, 2019). Carers are some of the unsung heroes in our society. To acknowledge this vital, but oftentimes hidden contribution, the motto for this year is ‘#MakingCaringVisible’.

Many civil servants are among those caring for loved ones at home and make great efforts to ensure that their loved ones receive the care they need and deserve.


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The Irish Hospice Foundation
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The Irish Hospice Foundation

Caring for the Carers
Being a carer can be a very positive and rewarding experience but, it can also be a demanding role which can impact on many aspects of life such as relationships, health, finances and work. While it may be difficult to take time out regularly, having periods of respite or help with sharing the responsibility is vital. Good self-care is also essential particularly in the areas of sleep, nutrition and exercise. It is important to have appropriate support and some such resources are listed below.

The Covid-19 pandemic brings new concerns for carers. Medical care for both themselves and those for whom they are caring is more complex than before.

Changes in routine and social isolation can impact on carers and on their loved ones. Carers may experience heightened levels of stress and anxiety. Those who have experienced the death of a loved one, due to the virus or other factors, also have the difficulties of restricted funeral services and social supports at this time, in addition to their loss.

If you need a listening ear and safe space to discuss your concerns please contact the CSEAS.

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